This is overdue

Hello friends, frenemies, fans, and other fantabulous internet people. (Ewww re:that salutation…I’m not good at hellos)

I am very insecure about this post. Mainly because this blog is supposed to be about making artsy things for Jesus and I haven’t put too much effort into making it artsy yet…but this will happen, as according to FedEx my laptop will arrive in TWO2TWO days (MerryChristmasHappyNewYeartomeeeee) and I will fix this. Another reason is because I’ve been saying I was going to start blogging for a couple months so I feel like this has to be really good. It’s probably not.

So, you ask, “Kristen, what is this blog. I don’t care about anything you think or have to say.” And thats totally cool. BUT if you want to BE totally cool you will read about what I think and have to say, especially if you love the following things: Jesus, making stuff, looking at stuff people made, thinking about making stuff, thinking about stuff…and stuff. I hope that sets up a clear objective.


God is the ultimate creator (see Genesis 1:1.) We are created in God’s image (Gen 1:27.) So it makes sense for us to want to create, right? Yup. Creating things for God is a form of worship to Him. We can worship and glorify God through our creativity. This goes beyond painting pictures of doves and crosses though…in fact, I’d argue that limiting our God-glorifying-art to those things is a vast injustice to honoring all that God has made. There seems to be this stigma in the art world that even some colors are “evil colors” and celestial scenes can only mean wings and a yellow wash. Some music is devil music, blah blah blah…or rather RAHH RAHH RAHHHH (those were screams.)  Maybe if more Christians didn’t buy into this, there would be more Christian bands that were actually good/didn’t all sound just like each other :0 oops did I say that?! If we’re supposed to have power over the Devil, why does it seem like we are so scared of him?  I hope that made sense…and I’m not trying to get down on Christian artists; there are plenty of awesome Christian artists. I’m just throwing that brain munch out there…this is just one of the topics I want to explore here. Most posts (MOST) will probably be links, videos and graphics I/you liked (or made, depending on how brave I’m feeling) but I’m sure there will be ramblings as well.

And PLEASE my friends, do share!!! Share thoughts, links, your work, whatever:

Also, disclaimer, though this is definitely geared toward Christians, I appreciate input and artsy videos from everyone (ahem Emerson Alum peeps hook a girl uppp)

Thx for reading bbs. Much love your way!



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