Lessons I’m learning about mistakes

This year I’ve been learning a lot about God’s will and getting a lot of words about stepping into my destiny soon.

Why this freaks me out:

I’ve made a lot of mistakes (as illustrated by the story below) and am not into making any that will keep me from what I’m supposed to be doing to prepare for whatever this destiny is. The other night (or morning rather) I wrote down a list of everything I am afraid of. Basically what all it came down to was this: making mistakes. But here is what God has to say in response to that:

1)  Constantly submit to Him (James 4:7) and to Godly authority (Romans 13:1-7, Hebrews 13:17, 1 Peter 5:5)

2)  Seek and choose wisdom

If everyday I say “God, show me what’s keeping me from You and what You want from me,” and am willing to actually hear and obey His answers, then I should be okay.

And while listening, I’m learning it comes back to this:

We don’t have to know everything, we just have to trust God.



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