Life in 3D: Don’t put yourself or God in a box

Recently I was talking to my Pastor and he said he had this dream about me. In the dream we were in church, praying, and he walked over to me and I looked at him and said something like, “Pastor, I like media and all but I don’t want to be doing this all my life.”

And in response he laughed.

When he told me about it, it didn’t immediately strike a chord with me, but then after talking about it for a minute we started getting into the whole “What is my calling?” discussion. Pastor started telling me how he didn’t know exactly what I’m going to do but he knows a couple of things are part of my DNA (like missions and music) and that God would bring me through different seasons where I’m using my gifts in different ways.

In a society where we seem to be very much defined by what we do, it is hard not to look at the future and say, “What is my calling? What is my THING?” and to expect one answer. This year, I’m finally accepting that I am just an artistic person in general and that by boxing my focus down to one thing, I’m cheating myself out of the growth of other things.

For examples…

Writing more causes revelation, which helps with teaching which helps others.

Music increases my worship to God, which stirs up my Spirit and out of that the prophetic flows and I can have a word that edifies others.

When I went to Film School I put music down because I thought I should just focus on one kind of art. STUPID! Once I got to Senior Year when I was singing and writing songs again, I tapped into this creative part of me that had ten times the ideas for everything, including films!

Don’t ever put yourself  or God in a box. There may be times to focus on one thing over another, but don’t forsake all of your giftings and passions because you have no idea how God will use them! God is smarter than you! He can use all of you.


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