Rise Up!

Right before I go to take my Sunday Afternoon Week Recovery Nap, I have this thought, “Wow, God never speaks to me in dreams,” then of course I have this crazy dream and I wake up all stirred up. God showed me how much influence the enemy has in culture, and how the church needs to rise up. Our weapons of warfare need to be stronger. I felt God was specifically talking about the arts to me. We need to get outside of our four walls. We need to stop claiming we are making art to have influence but gear it towards each other.

We need to stop conforming to patterns of culture and instead be creating them.

I am not saying we need to make better music and media to retaliate to the works of the enemy—I’m saying we should be making better music and media because we serve a God that is greater than any creative mind in the world, and we should do our work as unto Him with excellence and boldness. We have made excuses for far too long.


For more of this call and URGENCY to rise up, I encourage you all to go to this website:


and download Mattie Montgomery’s full album for FREE. I’m not too into the actual music in the background but his spoken word/prayer is edifying and encouraging, and kind of relates.

Mattie’s words about the album:

“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” I have released this album in hopes of encouraging my generation – my brothers andsisters, my family – toward their destiny in laboring for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven. I believe that we are the generation that will usher in the second coming of Christ, but I also believe that it will take a radical, electrified movement of young people whose words, actions and prayers are energized by the Holy Spirit through true, passionate connection to the Creator God.”



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