God wants it Facebook official.

OKAY. Hear me out people. I had this revelation about my relationship with God, and people+God in general…and it relates to SEX. Dig it? Of course you do. It’s not that inappropriate and I think you smart/mature people can grasp it. Ok, here we go.

Yesterday I woke up and the first thing I think is, “Wow, I’m really getting to know who God is now, I’m not just experiencing little jolts of His presence here and there and deciding that’s enough of my knowledge of Him. Hmm.” THEN it hit me. I’ve been learning a ton about WHO Jesus is. I’m actually reading the Bible and it’s awesome. *Jesus-related Bible lessons to freak out to*: Jesus was there when God created the world. Jesus came into the world as a baby, and next time HE IS NOT COMING AS A BABY! He’s coming in His glory! I have no idea what that means but I know it’s gonna be sweet.

Anyway, I’m learning so much about Him through the Bible that I’m like, wow…how did I ever love you before I knew this stuff? This is like if you have sex (or whatever) with someone, it’s easier to have these strong feelings for them before knowing them that well because you’ve had this experience…but when you get to know someone, over time, it develops true love–realization of who they are, what they really want and the foundation to stick it out through anything, even death. This is just one of a bunch of reasons why God wants physical intimacy to happen only in marriage, but that’s a blog for another day.

So before I was content with just the physical aspect of my relationship with God: miracles, overwhelming presence, words of knowledge through prophets, etc. That was enough of an understanding of who Jesus was for me. But lately those things haven’t been as present in my life I’ve had to rely on my faith that God exists, the Bible, and the commitment I’ve made to Christ. God’s been making me chase Him a little, and I’ve had to be faithful in doing just that. It’s been a hard season, because I’m not getting everything I want out of my relationship, but God’s like, “Hey, why don’t you get to know me a little instead of asking for these experiences all the time.” ***

This got me thinking: so many Christians do this. We love God without commitment. We love God when we feel His overwhelming presence, but we don’t want to put the commitment into knowing Him. This is why this doesn’t always stick. This is actually really dangerous. Even in the New Testament, everyone believed Jesus was the Messiah when He was performing miracles, but few stuck by Him when it got rough. Personal relationships are supposed to be a model for Jesus’ relationship with the church (aka us), so this is a really practical lens to look at our relationship with God through: God doesn’t want to be a booty call. God wants commitment. God wants to be known.

***I am not saying that His presence, miracles, and other God experiences do not show us about who He is. I’m saying we should not rely on those things alone as the basis of our commitment to Him.***


One thought on “God wants it Facebook official.

  1. tonyb says:

    well said…I like the analogy.

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