The Hometel

My life is insane in a lot of ways right now, but I have this overwhelming feeling it’s going to be okay. And it is.

One bit of the insanity:
My house is severely damaged by a crazy flood that started from the teeny weeniest pipe in my upstairs bathroom, ran all day, and flooded all the way through to the first floor and the basement. I was house sitting, went to work, did my normal Monday night thing (Bible study, hang with friends, etc.), come home=house destroyed. A clean up team has ripped up floors, tiles, and eventually some walls will have to come down. 75% of our house is effected.

This was a couple weeks ago. Now insurance has me sharing a room in a hotel with my 17 year old brother…who I love. Who smells like teenage boy. All the time. Who loves ESPN. All the time. Who loves the temperature of -3 degrees in our room. All the time. But this hotel IS super nice! For real! Can you say continental breakfast? YEAH!

However, we can’t be here forever. Our insurance company is trying to find us somewhere to live for the next 4-6 months while the house is being renovated, but they’re having a hard time because not a lot of people want to rent out short term.
SO, if anyone knows of any 2-3 bedroom apartments for rent, especially in the Guilderland/Albany area so the Kid can go to school in the same district this year, let us know! Also, if anyone (anywhere…though between Albany-East Greenbush-Castleton would be ideal) could even just rent a room to me for a few months, my parents will probably have a lot easier time finding a 2 bedroom place for just them and my bro. I’m clean, friendly, respectful and don’t have a lot of stuff (anymore! …it’s almost funny now :p)

We’ve lost a lot of stuff…but it’s just stuff! God has turned everything around for our good like He does and we are so grateful. Churches and friends have come through in incredible ways, and even our insurance company has been really great.

If you know any way we can tackle this last bit of uncertainty with our housing situation right now it would be such a help to us.

Thanks friends. Be blessed.

These are a few photos of our house POST flood clean up guys tearing up everything!



One thought on “The Hometel

  1. I didn’t know you guys were dealing with this current situation. I’ll check with my Pastors and see who they know up in Albany and see whether we have any answers. Regardless, I agree that you’ll find the right place quickly while the Insurance company gets your house back in order expediently! Amen.

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