When life gives you lemons, make a necklace

Howdy friends,

I haven’t written in a while because I’ve been so busy during some significant transitions happening in every area of my life right now, and it’s been really difficult to collect my thoughts or really figure out what God is trying to teach me…but I think I’m close lol.

What’s going on:
1) If you read my last post you know that my home flooded and my family is displaced for several months. Since then, I’ve been able to find an apartment in Downtown Albany and my parents now live in a house only a few minutes from our home that’s getting fixed up. God has shown a lot of favor on us in this regard and though it’s been difficult and uncertain in a lot of ways everything is really working out for us. Also, I’ve always wanted to live in Albany and never thought with my current financial status that I would ever be able to anytime soon, and God totally opened that door for me (a super secure door in a building with 24 hour security don’t worry friends!)

2) Right after I blogged about money some weeks ago, I’ve been hit with some things out of no where (car trouble, having to buy things for the new apartment, etc.) and had a hard time financially. BUT I have picked up some freelance work, and I know those doors are going to fling wide open again soon, so be praying for me with that, and I can’t wait to tell you guys when they do 🙂 I am transparent about my finances not because I want sympathy or donations or anything, but because I know this is an area of struggle and a great test of faith for a lot of people. I want you to know I struggle with this too but to be encouraged when things turn around for me, and for that to build YOUR faith in this area. I’m blogging about my hardships because I absolutely know God already has and will continue to provide for me above and beyond what I could even deserve (and that doesn’t even just mean someone handing me a huge check) and I want you to be a witness to this when it happens. I say that boldly because I know in my heart it’s true.

3) One of my closest friends and co workers has left House Of Praise to start a ministry in Albany. It’s definitely been emotional, but I’m really interested to see what God does. Keep both House of Praise and that ministry (White Couch Albany) in your prayers during this time.

4) Some amazing missionaries, Eric and Ginny Hanson, came to House Of Praise this weekend and totally reminded me why I went into ministry in the first place and am here and not in LA. I forget sometimes. You can see their message here 

5) I’m easing into the healthiest relationship I’ve ever been in with a great, great guy. That’s really all I want to share right now.

…but speaking of, is it weird to anybody else how all of a sudden EVERYONE that can be is in a relationship or getting married. It makes me suspicious. It’s not just in my church either, it’s EVERYWHERE…at least according to Facebook. I wonder if this is just my 20’s or if God is doing something specifically monumental through relationships in the near future. I feel like it’s just too weird not to be a spiritual thing. Please let me know your thoughts.

So that’s an update for you guys.


This is something God placed on my heart that I just shared with someone, but feel that I need to share with everyone:

Intense presence of God and more miracles, BUT only for those who ask for them/it. HE is waiting to reveal Himself not based on what we “deserve” but because of who He is, so we must ask according to who He is and trust that He is who He says He is. Provider, Shelter, Comforter, Strength, Author and Finisher. We have to ask according to who He is and not who we are. We have not and will never be deserving, but God will move according to the faith in which those who love him ASK. Not faith in themselves, but faith in Him. He’s waiting to reveal Himself. 


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