Monthly Archives: December 2012

I have an un-offendable heart

On Friday night, I heard a teacher say he had an un-offendable heart.

I can’t stop thinking about this statement and what am amazing way to walk through life it is.

God has been speaking to me a lot to keep on believing that He can work in people. One component of that is believing that NO ONE is beyond God’s grace, but the other is believing that only God can change a man’s heart. That applies to Christians too. God sanctifies and transforms people. Having an offense against someone does nothing for them, but prayer does everything.

God is also reminding me that in order to effectively pray for someone, we have to have God’s heart for them. We have to look past their flaws and see them as He does. Like He does. We have to be un-offendable.

It’s super glamorous and, I dare to say, easy to love the homeless man on the street, but loving those who have hurt us is true ministry.